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Champions For Hope

How YOU can help ... Give Love. Give Compassion. Give Hope.


Our Mission

Hope Through Horses, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to sharing the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching with the World.

Our Values

  • Making a Difference

  • Inspiring Others

  • Empowering EGCM Coaches and Clients

  • Honoring Horses and sharing their Innate Healing Power

  • Encouraging Authentic Connection

  • Being of Value

  • Giving HOPE

What we Do ...

We help Touched by a Horse® (TBAH) Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® (EGCM ) Certified Coaches and their Clients. We also help the EGCM Coaching Horse Partners by Honoring their Innate Healing Power.

We offer scholarship grants to those wishing to become TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners.

We provide grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for Client Outreach Expenses.

We are Champions for HOPE.

How we Give Hope ...

Hope Through Horses Inc. (HTH) has funded 216 Grants:

114 Grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for their Client Coaching Services

73 Grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for their Client Outreach Expenses

29 Grants for TBAH Certification Program Scholarships

How YOU can Help ...

Be a Champion For Hope.

HTH 2024 Board of Directors:

Kelli Lanphere, Inspired Cowgirl LLC - Co-Founder, President, Treasurer & Director

Linda Bruce, Soulful Prairies LLC - Vice President & Director of Grant Communications

Brenda Westwood, Horse Sense Healing LLC - Secretary & Director of Public Relations

Kellie Grill, Happy Success Ranch Retreats LLC - Director of Fundraising

Annmarie Huppert, Life Navigation Equine Gestalt Coaching - Director of Philanthropy

HTH 2024 Advisory Committee:


Evie Rose Crist, Voices From The Scars LLC - Chairperson of Social Media

Teena Dietz, Intentional Serenity LLC - Chairperson of Community Outreach

Monica Hendrix, Spark Equine LLC - Chairperson of Grant Development

Lisa Piper, Hearts Horses Hope LLC - Co-Founder, Director 2018 - 2020

Kimberly Beer, Be More Business Inc - Entrepreneurial Strategist & Speaker

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