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Animal Communication Sessions


50% of each session expense will be Donated to support our Mission

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A great relationship with your pet is the best thing in the world.

They are not for decoration; they are here to assist us in our journey through life.

They have lessons to teach us, and lessons of their own to learn.

The more we listen to them, the better life gets.

The insights we receive from our animal friends are amazing!

Please see below to schedule a phone session with you and your pet.

(Your animal friend may be living or passed.)



Norma Mitchel, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Norma Mitchel LLC - Norma is psychic / intuitive counselor and hypno-therapist who has helped people for over 40 years as a spiritual counselor, medical intuitive, business consultant, medium, teacher and hypno-therapist with their spiritual and physical world journeys. She’s appeared on television and radio talk shows, spoken to church, social and business groups and has been the subject of a number of newspaper articles.

  • Norma communicates directly with your pets or other animals to help you understand what they are needing or wanting from you. She helps you see and appreciate their intelligent...sometimes humorous ... often wise ... personalities. Let them guide you into being more connected to the lifeforces in our world, and especially the needs of healing and conserving our resources.


Ashara Morris, Certified Gestaltist, Life Coach and Co-Founder of Harmony’s Heart LLC - Ashara has loved animals, especially cats and horses, her entire life. She walked like a horse before she walked like a person. Ashara graduated from the Touched By A Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Program in August 2012, and over the years has married her coaching with her other passion - speaking with animals. It is a formidable combination, and one that has assisted many of her clients not only with issues with their animals, but issues within themselves that are brought to the forefront by their animal friends’ behavior. She can’t think of a better way to serve humanity than working with our animal community to move us all forward.

  • Ashara connects herself with your pet through you and has a three-way conversation. Ashara has this to say ... "Our pets have plenty to say to us, but don’t be nervous – they aren’t keeping score, they only want to help! They let us make mistakes, and are happy to help us be better people."


Marianne Howard, Animal Communicator and Life Coach, Sage Horse Coaching LLC - Marianne has always loved and talked to animals from an early age, including family cats, dogs and goldfish, started a neighborhood pet sitting business and working with young horses in their early years of training. By high school she was riding along with the equine horse vet on farm calls. This led to her studying animal science in college. She went to work at the University of Washington Medical School and specialized in clinical research while running her horses training business after work.  Retiring after 35 years at the University, she opened her hunter/jumper training facility in Redmond Washington.


One day a client was sharing her experience with Joan Ranquet, founder of Communication With All Life University, and how we can all learn to talk with the animals. Marianne was intrigued with learning how to improve her communication skills with the horses, so she signed up for the professional level course in Animal Communication. Two years later she graduated and Talking To The Animals with Marianne was born.


After working with clients and their pets she realized that she could be of service in building a stronger pet/human relationship by adding coaching to her business. As she was exploring different coaching programs, she came across Touched By A Horse which offered a coaching program focused on the horse as an active coaching partner with the human coach. She was sold and graduated two years later, and Sage Horse Coaching was born.

The combination of Talking To The Animals and Sage Horse Coaching has provided a platform for building better relationships between animals and their human partners.

Marianne specializes in the following areas.

  • General health and wellbeing issues.

  • Lost Pets.

  • Animals in Transition or in Hospice.

  • Grief Coaching for animals and human partners left behind after a loss.


What a session with Marianne looks like ... 

“I work over the phone and have the client text me a photo of the pet I am reading that day. The photo can be of any age as it is a place holder to receive the animal’s energy. The call is usually 30-45 minutes long.”


Hope Through Horses, Inc. is a

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with the World".

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