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"Sharing the Healing Power of Horses

and Transformative Coaching with the World".

Client Coaching Grants. TBAH Scholarships. Certified Practitioner Client Outreach Grants.

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96% saw a more Hopeful Future.

In a recent scientific study of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method 96% of participants were more hopeful at the end of their horse session than before it began.

We are dedicated to supporting both the practitioners trained in the method and recipients who will benefit from the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod®). 

Horse Medicine is Powerful.

What we do ...

Hope Through Horses, Inc. is a

501(c)(3) Non-Profit with the mission to

"Share the Healing Power of Horses and Transformative Coaching

with the World". 

We help Touched by a Horse (TBAH) Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® (EGCM) Certified Coaches and their Clients. We also help the EGCM Coaching Horse Partners by Honoring their Innate Healing Power.

We provide grants supporting TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioner Client Coaching Services.

We offer scholarships to those wishing to become TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners.

We provide grants to TBAH Certified EGCM Practitioners for Client Outreach Expenses. 

We are Champions for HOPE.

Blessed are those who experience
the whispers from a horse’s heart.

Melisa Pearce, Touched By a Horse

The EGCMethod®

The EGCMethod® is an experiential method of coaching in partnership with a horse. 

Clients who participate in experiential therapies report more impactful results and longer lasting change when compared with talk therapy. Gestalt has been successfully employed for decades in mental health practices to help clients with everything from PTSD to personal growth. 

At the heart of the methodology, Gestalt is about creating wholeness in the present moment. A concept that most modern humans don't learn to practice. We tend to live in the past and the future — not the present. 

Horses, on the other hand, are experts at present moment and the perfect partners for a Gestalt coach. 

In the EGCMethod, the horse is an active co-coach with the human facilitator. This coaching duo work together to help the client discover, explore, and experiment in the present moment that which the client's body, mind, and spirit determine should be examined. 

This unique coaching method was developed by horse-human healing movement leader, Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse. Melisa perfected the method in her own mental health practice and then began an intensive certification program to teach others how to effectively combine Gestalt and equine assisted coaching. 

All Hope Through Horses coaches are trained in the EGCMethod and have completed Melisa's two-year intensive program.

Melisa Pearce - Touched By a Horse Inc.
Melisa Pearce - Touched By a Horse Inc.
Melisa Pearce - Touched By a Horse Inc.

Who can benefit from the EGCMethod Coaching?

ANYONE who wants to let go of their past and/or create a positive future can benefit from the EGCMethod. Some common reasons for seeking an EGCMethod coach include:

Life Transitions
• Human Empowerment
• Sexual Abuse
• Grief
• End of Life Resolution

• Family Counseling
• Childhood Trauma
• Couples & Marriage Improvement
• Body Image

• Victim Recovery
• Conflict Mediation
• Depression

PTSD and Trauma
• Empty Nest & Retirement Adjustment

• Reinvention of Self
• Corporate Team Building
• Leadership Discovery

Visit the TBAH Certified Practitioner Page to find the best Coach for your individual situation.

Each EGCM Certified Coach brings their own past experiences, current interests and other professional skills and credentials to their practice. There are EGCM coaches that are or were psychotherapists. There are others that bring other healing modalities to their practice, such as energy work or yoga. Others create a specialized niche practice to serve a profession that they had a previous career in, such as lawyers, physicians or other health professionals. 

Certified EGCMethod coaches must complete an intensive two-year program including:

• Weekly Zoom classes

• Monthly individual coaching sessions

• Eight 3 1/2 day hands-on workshops

• Foundation session hands-on workshop

• Monthly community calls

• Personal work and more 

Certified EGCMethod coaches are backed by the EGCM Association and any issues are brought to a appointed Ethics Board to insure the highest quality resolution.

Follow this link to find out more about Gestalt Coaching and Creating Wholeness!

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